About me - Remo Schmitter



My name is Remo Schmitter, I am 20 years old and live near Zurich, Switzerland. Currently I'm serving the Swiss military.

I started with serious photography around five years ago. There was this one moment which really got me into photography. I was on vacation in London with my family. My father took pictures with his DSLR, which he bought a few months before. In the late evening we stood on the Westminster Bridge and he took some long exposure shots of the London Eye. I was fascinated by the effect of a long exposure, which made the colors of the ferris wheel melting together. Only a few weeks later I bought my own DLSR, a D7100 which I`ve used for three years. My camera today is the D750.

My main focus is on landscape photography. But I like wildlife and aviation photography too. In addition, I love to get my drone up in the air and shoot some aerial footage as well.

I would like to say thank you to my parents which helped me affording the gear and always giving me a ride to whatever location I would like to go!

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